We are here to help you explore food, nutrition, and body diversity with a health at every size (HAES) aligned and intuitive eating lens. If you are tired of diet culture and it’s unrealistic thin ideal you are in the right place. Our focus is on exploring the overlap between food, nutrition, mental and emotional health, and our experiences in the physical body. Be sure to check out our FREE Modern Nutrition Journal Reflections handout to start your journey today! You can also connect with us on social media and view our blog for more information.

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Krista Schaefer Pickle MS, RDN, LD

I am a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) and the founder of a nutrition counseling practice, Modern Nutrition NW. I started my private practice because I love food and connecting with people. After years of counseling individuals I realized I wanted to create a space online where people could explore topics about food, nutrition and body diversity that would hopefully inspire instead of produce guilt and shame. So that is why Modern Nutrition Journal was created. I hope you will join me in getting curious about your relationship with food, nutrition and body diversity. I am glad you’re here. 

If you’d like to learn more about my education and background feel free to explore further here

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